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You Got: Life Meter 3! [Apr. 28th, 2010|01:21 pm]

Finally, after all those hard battles, grinding for experience, and completing numerous side-quests, you can own Life Meter 3!

120 pages, in full color!!!

$20 + $5 s&h in the US and Canada
$20 + $10 s&h for our friends in foreign lands!

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Happy Birthday, Matt Hawkins! [Apr. 18th, 2010|11:55 am]
Blogger and Life Meter wrangler fortninety  was released on this day 33 years ago!

Photo by Jen Vaughn

Check out all of Matt's stuff that's relevant to your interests here!
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Life Meter on the road [Mar. 23rd, 2010|04:51 pm]


Just a heads up that freshly-printed copies of Life Meter 3 will be available through this site in late April. But you can also can grab them (sans shipping fees) at one of our various convention appearances. Here is the rundown:

Matt Hawkwins will be teaming up with video game culture shop Attract Mode and exhibiting at Pax East in Boston, MA. There will be an assortment of Life Meter books as well as Matt's new Fort90zine and all the cool T-shirts, prints, buttons and assorted merch Attract Mode has to offer.

Dave Roman along with the Comics Bakery will have Life Meter books at the following shows:

MoCCA Art Fest in NYC, April 10th-11th.

C2E2 in Chicago, IL, April 16th-18th.

Stumptown Comics Festin Portland, Oregon, April 24th-25th.

TCAF: Toronto Comics Art Fest in Toronto, Canada, May 8th & 9th.

Main Comics Festival in Portland, Maine, May 22nd.

Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, June 4th-6th.

UPDATE: Zack Giallongo will have Life Meter copies at Anime Boston in Boston, MA, April 2nd-4th.

Hope to see you out there!
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Video Game Box Arts Redone By The Artist Behind Remake [Feb. 23rd, 2010|08:13 pm]

Hey, another update! About time, right? Right!

This time, it's all about our good pal, and long time friend of Life Meter as well, Lamar Abrams! Partly inspired by all those comic blogs that ask folks to reinterpret classic Marvel & DC covers, Lamar wondered why no one has really done the same for classic video game box arts? So to get that ball rolling, here are some of his favorite games (and conveniently enough, some of mine as well), with a new coat of paint!

First we have Lamar's take on the long forgotten NES classic Crystalis, which I too am a BIG fan of...

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Another Random Round-Up: Lots and Lots of Darkstalkers [Feb. 3rd, 2010|12:34 am]

So I recently stumbled across some random Japanese image board that's chock full of ultra high quality Darkstalkers fan art. Some of it is truly stellar! Here's the link, but be careful, cuz some of it somewhat scandalous! Though I wouldn't go so far as to say anything it totally NSFW. But just to be on the safe side, I've handpicked what I believe are the best ones.

Though two things: unfortunately I am no able to isolate who the original artists are, sorry, and furthermore, I have no idea where the pieces originate. Translation, some could have been shameless picked from Pixiv or Deviant Art. Also at least one of the pics presented might be from that new Darkstalkers tribute book from Udon, which alas I have yet to acquire, so I can't really verify this. Sorry!

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Another Random Round-Up: Link, Pac-Man, Mario, and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun [Jan. 20th, 2010|07:41 pm]

Time once again to scour the web for neat stuff, some of which you might have seen elsewhere, and some that might be totally new to you...

First up, and via Tiny Cartridge, is a neat Zelda comic by Ryot Iras that proves once again that those chickens are not to be messed with!

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Dig Dug Vs Digger [Jan. 11th, 2010|07:58 pm]

As awesome as the upcoming US version of Tatsunoko vs Capcom is gonna be, with new fighters like Zero (from Mega Man X) facing off against Frank West (from Dead Rising), I'm far more interested in showdowns that force the participants to do what they do best, and therefore ask whose the best. Like...

Most folks remember Dig Dug, he's made quite a name for himself (and even fathered another notable game face, Mr. Driller), but does anyone recall Digger? I kid you not, I actually played it many years back, and the game's Wikipedia page actually explains why the kid I knew who had the game (the only computers I personally owned as a kid was the NES, SNES, and Genesis) was from Canada!

Anyhow, another person who remembers the IBM classic is Braden Lamb, who whipped up a pitting of two, as a ballad with visuals!

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