FortNinety (fortninety) wrote in lifemetercomics,

Life Meter at PAX Prime & SPX

It's been way too long since our last update! But rest assured, we've all been busy busting our butts compiling the best game related comics and funny drawings this side of the [insert favorite video game locale]. Though also, each one of us has had a particularly busy past couple of months. But excuses, excuses, excuses...

And a head's up! See that first image below? We are officially 24 hours away (actually, a little less than) till the Penny Arcade Expo! Or PAX Prime as it is now officially called. And once again, I'll be on-hand selling both Life Meters Volume 2 & 3 at the Attract Mode table. No doubt everyone reading this has a copy already and could perhaps either use another to, either as a gift for a dear friend, or to replace your own copy, which has become tattered and torn from the constant lending?

[/salesmen pitch]

But serious, stop on by for some additional cool stuff, which is related to the Life Meter universe, but is a surprise! Guess you lucky folks going will find out for yourselves this weekend!

Then, the weekend after that, the entire Life Meter crew is converging at Small Press Expo! And as most of you folks already know, our fine Life Meter cohort Raina Telgemeier did the official poster!

Hope to see you all, on whatever side of the country you might be!

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