FortNinety (fortninety) wrote in lifemetercomics,

Video Game Box Arts Redone By The Artist Behind Remake

Hey, another update! About time, right? Right!

This time, it's all about our good pal, and long time friend of Life Meter as well, Lamar Abrams! Partly inspired by all those comic blogs that ask folks to reinterpret classic Marvel & DC covers, Lamar wondered why no one has really done the same for classic video game box arts? So to get that ball rolling, here are some of his favorite games (and conveniently enough, some of mine as well), with a new coat of paint!

First we have Lamar's take on the long forgotten NES classic Crystalis, which I too am a BIG fan of...

Next is much cooler Japanese cover to Soul Blazer, known as Soul Blader in its native tongue...

Here we have the Japanese cover to Shockman, which in Japan was called Kaizou Choujin Schbibinman 2. It's like a mix of Mega Man X and Gunstar Heroes, but years before either games existed...

Finally is a Time Soldier piece, not based upon any box art, since it was arcade only. Perhaps it's based upon the cabinet art?

... Along with Gradius, Time Soldier was a staple at my local pizzera. Haven't bothered to fire it up in MAME since I'm pretty sure there's no way to play the game without the eight-way facing joystick.
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