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Life Meter UPDATE

In an effort to make this site/community more active, we'd like to welcome our good pal, Matt Hawkins, fortninety, who will be helping us post more frequently and make Life Meter, the destination for the best videogame-inspired art and comics. Matt has always been passionate about games and the creativity in and associated with them. He's written for several magazines and sites over the years, published his own game zine, and developed electronic games for various companies big and small. So he'll be a valuable asset to keeping things moving around here!

And to that end... it's time to talk about our plans for the next anthology: Life Meter Volume 3!
Instead of seeking out only black and white original content, the new book will be FULL COLOR.
We'll be running the best submissions on the LM website leading up to the book (in the past we kept the print and web stuff mostly separate). So now the print anthologies will be more like annual collections of all the best stuff we get over the course of the year.

So start submitting! Spread the word to all your art friends!

-The book's dimensions will be 6x9 inches. Please feel free to have your art be larger but proportionately in scale.
-Deadline for FINAL ART for Book 3 is May 1st.
-We encourage people to send pitch ideas for feedback before final art.
-Comics are preferred over pinups!
-We will reject stories that are well drawn but poorly lettered or illegible. Web resolution will not be good enough for print, so make sure you read the specs.
-There's no guarantees or promises of what will make it into the book.
-Contributors who are included in the book will get 1 complimentary copy and the ability to buy more at cost.
-Just like the previous, volume, all profits for Life meter go to Child's Play

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