Soggytoast (soggytoast) wrote in lifemetercomics,

Fly, Pit, Fly!

Let's flap our wings to something old school: Kid Icarus! By the way, if you think the lead character is named Kid Icarus, you're mistaken. He goes by the name of Pit. "Kid Icarus: The Angel Land Story" was just
the American title for the game that our Japanese counterparts knew as "Palutena's Mirror".  A cult favorite, it's too bad that Pit hasn't raised his bow since his debut in 1987 (alongside its companion
game, a little something called "Metroid") or his later Gameboy sequel. But with Nintendo remaking old franchises lately, who knows what we'll see in the future!

By the way, this image is by me, Zack Giallongo. You can see more of my work on my weekly comic "Pishio" (which also updates today!)

This is a repost. We've had some technical difficulties!
Tags: kid icarus, zack

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