March 27th, 2011

matt by neo-rama

Any Fans Of Grasshopper Manufacture In The House?

Once again... been a while, hasn't it? Insert the same excuses as before, though it's still the truth: both yaytime and soggytoast, as well as myself, have been super busy juggling multiple projects for quite some time now (plus life in general has been very much hectic). So it might seem that Life Meter is hardly a priority at this point, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Though while we all wait for the next big development that directly pertains to the Life Meter community, I've been allowed the chance to pass along the following, which is somewhat relevant to you fine folks.

I'm doing another art contest! Perhaps a few of you might recall the Persona related one I held over at my site two years agon. Which was such a success that I'm doing another one. This time, the subject matter involves the various ladies that have appeared in assorted Grasshopper Manufacture titles (No More Heroes, Killer 7, & Flower Sun Rain to name a few).

Why just the ladies? Well, the grand prize winner's piece will appear in my upcoming forth installment of the FORT90ZINE, as that issue's pin-up! Past installments have included Claire Redfield, Mona from WarioWare, and Samus Aran. Which means there are a few additional things to note, as it pertains to size and dimensions and the such, cuz it's a centerfold and all. Though before getting into all that, how about we check out the prize package that also comes with the winning entry? The pot includes...

Two sets of postcards, pre-order bonus items for No More Heroes for the Xbox 360 and PS3, which were only made available in Japan:

A guidebook for those same game(s), which also includes tons of awesome "making of" material:

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